Kuli Paniyaram with FriedGram Chutney


This is a typical chetinadu dish that mom used to make for breakfast.This is one of my favourite breakfast, and we like to have this with the FriedGram chutney.This is made from the Idli batter and use a special vessel for it called as Paniyaram chati. You can get it here .

For Kuli Paniyaram:-


Finelly chopped Onion -1 medium onion
Finelly chopped Green Chillies - 4
Finelly chopped Curry and Corinder Leaves - 1 1/2tbsp
Mustard seeds - 3/4tsp
Urad dal - 1tsp


1) Heat oil in a kadai, add mustard seeds and curry leaves and allow it to crackel

2) Then add the chillies and onions and sauté for a few minutes.

3) Add this sautéed mixture to the idli batter and mix well.

4) Heat the Kuli Paniyaram Chatti and add little oil in each hole and pour 1 spoon
of batter in each hole.

5) Cook them on both the sides.

FriedGram Chutney:-

For Chutney:-

FriedGram - 1 cup
Greenchillies - 4-5
Garlic - 3-4 pods
Tamarind - a small grape sized
Salt - To taste

For Tadaka:-

Oil- 1tsp
Mustard seeds - 1/4tsp
Curry leaves - 5-6leaves
Urad dal - 1/4tsp
Hing - a pinch


1) Grind togther all the ingrediants for the chutney to a smooth paste along with the salt.
2) Do the tadaka and add it to the chutney.

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Sudha, we call it paddu(kannada) and appe(konkani). I add a handfull of poha while making the flour, that makes paddu very soft :).

Hi Sudha,
I like the recipe.
Nice breakfast.

Hi Sudha,
I like this paniyaram verymuch.
I do the same chtney.
Nice breakfast.

hi Sudha

love paniyarams, i like it with this chutney & tomato chutney. I sometimes add tiny bits of carrot

Looks delicious.

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I like paniyaram too,This chutney is new to me. Looks delicious.A must try one.

hi sudha,
this is one of my favourate breakfast,but i dont have that type of pan,so i will make like dosa,but chutney is new to me , i have to try this one.

yesterday i made Dal Makhani,it came good.

thanks for sharing

Recipe is good. Please change 'kuli' to 'Kuzhi Paniyaaram'. It sounds so hard.

for those looking for a pan - i just bought one at William-Sonoma that they advertised for panckes. its non-stick and works great.

If not use the same process and use a dosa pan - like uttappam - just pour batter and don't spread it.

hi. one doubt..what is gram here? in fried gram chutney which gram or dal have u used? thanks..

You can also add finely chopped carrots and capsicum(ball pepper). It enhances the taste.

The recipe sound great. You should post them on www.samukam.com social network in the Tamil recipe/food section.

sudha, its very easy recipe, and i used to eat paniyaram since i was 10 years old, i love paniyaram. being a gujarati i love each and every south-indian dishes.

hi sudha i like kuli paniyaram very much . just tell what is friedgram.

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supper. please publish with calories for 100grms