Paneer Butter Masala


I planned to make Paneer Butter masala for chapatti. This is such a tasty dish that I never forget to have during my visit to the restaurants. Here is how I made it.. .The following method is for serving 2.


Fried paneer - 1 whole packet that we get in indian grocery stores.
Onion - 1 1/2 medium sized ( blanched and pureed)
Tomato puree - 3tbsp
Ginger - Garlic paste - 3/4 tsp
Cashewnut paste - 2tbsp
KashmiriChilliPowder- 2tsp(This chilli powder is very mild and gives color to the
dish. I use them in most of my dishes.)
Coriander Powder-1 tsp
Turmeric Powder - 3/4 tsp
Garam masala - 1/4tsp
Fresh Cream - 1 cup
Butter - 2tbsp


Initial Preparation:- Initial preparation is a little time consuming.But after this its really very simple and easy to make..

1) If you are using the paneer loaf, then cut them into cubes and fry them in oil or ghee till they turn light brown in colour.Then soak these paneer cubes in hot water for about 1/2 an hour so as to make them soft. If you are using the fried paneer that we get in indian grocery stores then u can directly place them in hot water and allow it to stay for half an hour to make it soft.

2) Soak about 1 1/2 tbsp of cashewnuts in water for about 2 hrs and grind them to a paste. This paste makes the gravy rich in taste.

3) Blanch the onion cut into pieces for about 15mts. If you are using microwave for blanching then keeep the onions for about 10mts on high. And puree them.

Actual Preparation:-

1) Heat butter in a kadai and add the onion puree and saute till they turn light brown in color.(This is also known as brown paste)

2) Add Ginger-Garlic paste to the brown paste mixture and saute for sometime.

3) Then add the Kashmirichillipowder, coriander powder, cashewpaste, tomato puree, turmeric powder, garam masala powder and salt and saute for sometime.

4) Add the soaked paneer cubes, little water and allow it to cook till the gravy becomes semi-solid.

5) Finally garnish it with freshcream.

Serve it with chapathi ,poori, naan , parata.

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Hey Sudhav,I am hungry now and looking at your picture.....Its one of my favourites too,I too have posted a paneer butter masala recipe in my blog,in fact it was one of the first recipes I posted.

Hmmm..... drooling........

Wow...that looks soo cool :). Can I taste some? Its been ages I haven't had Paneer butter masala. Thanks for posting.

Sudha, I have tagged you for the meme. Hope you will play the game.Thanks.

oh wow! I have made paneer butter masal, but did not know that you have to soak them in hot water to make it soft duh! I will do that from now on.
Any hey! thanks for your great comment, It keeps me motivated!

Hi Sudha,
Paneer masala looks yummy.
Get puff pastries in any frozen section .It will be visible with plastic cover.One is rectangle and another is square .
See in frozen section and you will definetly get that.

sumitha, pushpa, shilpa , shankari and vineela thank you so much..

Shilpa thank you so much for tagging me..and i will surly play the game.

Vineela thank you so much for those information..I just found them today evening exactly in the same place as you specified..Thank you so much..My next thing will be to bake them for taniya..:-)

Hi Sudhav,

Came across this yesterday ~ it looked so delicious I wanted to make it right away. Thank you for the excellent tips about blanched onion and soaked paneer!

Hi Sudha,

Thats a real mouth watering and real tempting Paneer recipe.

I just posted a mutter paneer recipe.

Will defintely try it out...

hey sudha,

Thanks a ton for posting te recepie. It sounds easy to prepare and i am going to make it now. :)


Hi Sudhav,

I was trying to prepare Paneer Butter masala myself.. while searchin got your receipe.. It came very well... All my family members also tasted and gave the same comments...

Thanks a lot...

One more query. Wat do u mean by blanching.. wats the purpose of it...

Rajesh S

yummy masala. gotta try soon. I am drooling. thanks for sharing the recipe.

Thanks for the post. I tried it and it came out well :). Used peas instead of panner though.

Hi Sudha,

U receipe is looks very easy and also very informative. Thank u

yummy butter masal...looks grt and tried it was tasty......

hello, your recipe and pic looks so tempting , feel so hungry seeing these pics ....will try it someday, good work :)

Hi i am new to ur blog.
I stay in INdia
how shld i ask for fresh cream
wat is tht actually?

Hi , Actually u can ask for fresh cream in any of the leading food markets like nilgiris etc..otherwise u can use the layer of cream that forms on the milk.hope i have clarified ur doubt...if anything else u wanna know do let me know..

Hmm!!! LOOKS YUM!!! Its my al time fav too!! I almost often order it - I make it when guests come. :-)

Hmm!!! LOOKS YUM!!! Its my al time fav too!! I almost often order it - I make it when guests come. :-)

Its very YUMMMM. I tried making it y'day night and it turned out to be awesome. Since I did not plan for it, I added Cottage Cheese. Hope this can be added as a substitute..

Thanks lots for posting this recipe. I have good memories of eating this dish in the Third Eye restaurant in Thamel, kathmandu, Nepal. I made your recipe last night and it took me straight back there. Delicious!

Hmmmmm..........its looks delicious and yummy. let me try out and give you the apt comment. thanks for posting

Wow........looks superb and yummy. Want to taste right now. looks so appetizing. Let me try this reciepe and give a shock to my family members.

hi friend,
thanks for ur receipe.. i am newly married and this is his favourite receipe.. i am just feeling bad how to make it without guidence,, but ur receipe gave me confidence.. thanks a lot.. take care..

Hi Sudha
I tried out your recipe today and it came out really really well. I think I needed to add some water because the gravy thickened up a bit too much. I will surely try some of your other recipes.
- Sudha

Those look yummy and taste also.but i learn one important thing is to soak the paneer after fring.Plz tell me the recipe of palak paneer also


This dish is my hubby's fav and I am a busy working mom. I came across your recipe and tried it. It came excellent! We both loved it and licked to the last bit. I am going to make it regularly. Thanks for the easy recipe!!!

Hi ya,
This seems to b a great recipe. I haven't started yet but i wanted to post u a thanks b4 that. Thanks 4 ur recipe.

we tried this dish. It worked out very well. Thanks a lot.

Wow, a delicious dish. Everyone should try this. Thanks 4 da dish.

i tried this recipe today, it was gr8. thanks for sharing.

I tried this recipe today and it came out great. Thanks. Instead of cream i added some yoghurt (non flavored) and it served the purpose too. But thanks for the recipe. Loving it.

Palak paneer :

Grind together : 1 large onion;2 large ripe tomatoes;1 inch piece ginger;4-6 garlic pods ;2 med green chillies ; 2 table spoons kasuri methi ; i med bunch of coriander leaves .
1.Fry the above paste in oil till oil leaves the sides ;
2. add paneer now and it will fry in the oil that is coming out of the paste
3.wash and semi cook palak with lil water .
4.cool and grind palak .
5.add palak paste to the masala and paneer add salt to taste

I tried this recipe it was really teasty, I added kasuri methi also.
It was yummy.
Thanks for recipe.

hi Sudhav i like it very much
Thanks for ur Redipe.


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This recipe is excellent!! A little time consuming though! The Paneer Butter Masala came out just like the way, it comes in good resturants!! I have 2 questions for you.
1. IS it necessary to fry the Paneer in the begining or it can just be added in the the curry directly. I found my Paneer to be a little hard inspite on soaking it hot water for 1/2 hour.
Instead of Paneer, if I substitute it with chicken, will it become Chicken Masala?

I tried Panner butter masala. Soooooooooo Tasty. I usally eat 2 chapathies. I ate with panner masala 4 chapathies. Awesome taste.

Wow..... that great taste ! tried and had full. awesome taste. Thanks

It was awesome...txs for the wonderful receipe..my 18 months daughter loved it..

hey, it looks great and I am going to try today. But it's very heavy. Isn't it? Still it's my and my husband's favourite dish.

Wow!!! It is so yummy and so easy to make. Thanks a lot!

I made this dish this weekend and it was delicious. Not exactly low calorie so I'll keep it for a treat! Thanks for posting this recipe.

Hi sudhav,ur recipe looks so nice.Iam going to prepare for my hubby.Thank u very much.

Hi Sudhav, thanks for that great recipe. i made paneer butter masala
really it is wonderful.

hey! thanks for this great recipe!
it's really yummy:) got greatly complimented my my family, they loved it :)

Samayal, I prepared accordingly, it came very tasty. My 5 year old and my hubby loved it with chapathi. Great work. Keep it up.

Paneer Butter Masala is one of my favourite dish. I like its restaurant like gravy.

wow its very tasty and yummy

Wowwwwwwww!!! i feel very hungry by seein d pic... i'm gonna try out dis recipe!

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thanks for your tips,it's really helpful for us


This is the first time in my life I made a Dish at home. My wife and son were so happy that the Panner Butter Masala was so tasty.

I just followed what is said in this and it worked out really well.


small doubt ,what cream i should use?

Have tried this recipe umpteen times.... Works like a charm.. thanks for the post !!

hi i tried this today.....its very tasty....and give some other preparation......c...u....

Hi, Tried this and it came out very delicious. Thanks for such a nice recipe.


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wow........ it looks yummy, i gonna try this out

hey really its looking great..and the taste is so yummy ithnik..am going to try this out today..and thanks for the beautifull receipe..

thanks for the recipe...i tried it and it turned out yummy!! looked exactly the same as ur snaps!!!(imagine my surprise)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Going to try this, if i get good taste and liked by family members, definitely i will inform you and shall be very thankful.

Thank for this. I was searching this receipe. You r too great for posting ur experience.

thanks for this yummy receipe keep contiuing to post many receipes

my most fav.dish..i tried ur receipe.really delicious. thanku for clear presentation.

this was a such a fabulous broccoli yoghurt and its recipe is really simple i have to save this page for making this recipe. thanks.chowringhee satya niketan menu