Idli and Dosa are an integral part of breakfast of every southindian home.I remember my mom used to make idli dough almost 3 times in a week. And during olden days the grinding process was realy hectic and now its made easy with the help of wetgrinders. Fermenting was a big pblm for me until my friend told me a method.Now fermenting the dough is easy..and the idli and dosa turn out really great..Here is how i make the dough



Parboiled(Idli) rice (Puzhungalarisi or idli rice) - 3 cups
RawRice - 1 cup
Urad dhal - 1 cup(if using broken one,if using whole urad then 3/4 cup)
Methi Seeds - 1 tsp


1) Wash and Soak the rice and urad dal with methi seeds separetly for about 6 hrs.

2) Grind the urad dal with methi seeds first for about 40 mts

3) Then grind the rice to a slightly rough consistency dough.

4) Add a little salt and Mix both the dough together with hand.This is very important for fermentation. Dont use spatulas.

5) Preheat the oven to 215F and switch off and place the dough and leave it over night for fermentation.

Steam Idlis with this dough for about 10-15 mts.

For variation in Dosa checkout Kitchenmate's recipe HERE

If one is from the southern part of india,then for sure they would know about this podi that i'm blogging about.This is one best combo with idli and dosa apart from sambar and every house for sure will have a stock of this podi..Here is how we make them.



RedChillies - 1 cup
Urad dal - 3/4 cup
Bengal gram - 1 tbsp
Sesame Seed - 1 tsp
RawRice - 1 tsp
Hing - 3/4 tsp
Garlic pods - 2
Oil-1 tsp
Salt-To taste


1) Heat oil in a kadai and fry the red chillies for a few minutes.

2) Remove the chillies and fry the urad dal, bengal gram, sesame seed, raw rice, hing till the dals turn lightly brown.

3) Cool these ingrediants and grind them to a coarse powder along with salt and garlic pods.

Allow the the powder to cool and store them in airtight container.This podi goes very well with idli,dosa and rice..

Check out for another variation of podi by Vineela HERE

This is my entry to SaffornTrial's Weekend breakfast blogging event.

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Hi Sudha,
i do make and keep this podi but without adding garlic with 2 dals.
I will add garlic with pottukadalai and groundnuts .Hope to try little batch with garlic once my jar gets empty.
Thanks for sharing.

Hi Sudha,
Seeing ur pictures makes me really hungry. Unga veetuku sappida varalam pola irrukku...I make idli podi a little different .. ur version is also nice. I will post my version sometime later.

I somehow felt real homesick after looking at that photo. That Dosa looks so impressive. Thank you for your recipes. The milagupodi recipe i have ( we call it Idlippodi, as my mother always serve it with Idli), don't seem to have garlic in it. I will try out your recipe. Will you please post step- by-step photos of your Dosa technique when you have time?

Hi Sudah, this looks really wonderful. I have to try making real dosas and idlis with the accompanying podi sometime. I made idlis once (before I found these blogs) but had no podi or sambar or anything to eat with them -- of course could not understand the appeal. Now I know better :)

Thanks for sharing!

Have never tried idli's with raw rice and boiled rice combo. Does it make the idli more fluffy and soft.
Shall try your version of milagaipodi too. Its diferent form the ones i know

Hi Sudha,
Your idli and dosa parkka romba nalla irukkuthunga.
I add idli rice for molagaipodi.
Thanks for sharing.

Wow.. That crisp dosa is sooooooooo tempting.I donot add raw rice for idli & garlic is new in the podi.Will give it a try...

Looks delicious ! Question : do you use idli grinder or a blender ? I only use parboiled rice. Do you know why raw rice is added Sudha ?

Looks really delicious.My husband would love to come to your house for breakfast. the Idlis look soft and spongy.thanks for sharing sudha.

Vineela, do let me know how it turned out when u give it a try..

Prema, kandipa vettuku vanga..waiting to see your version too..

Archana, do come over here and i shall make them for you dear..Do let me know when u try them archana.and ya i will surly post the step by step of dosa very soon.

Linda dosas and idli accompanied by sambar,chutney and podi tastes really divine..try them and im sure you will like it..

Priya, ya use of raw rice and boiled rice helps in maintain the fluffiness and the softness of the idli and also it helps in making the dosa crisper..

MT roomba nandri..ungaludai version parka wait panuren..

Jayashree as said, adding raw rice helps in making the dosa crisper..Thanks for stopping by..

Krithika,thanks.I use ultra wet grinder to grind the dough.Raw rice actually helps to maintain the texture(fluffiness) and softness of the idli and helps in making crisper dosa krithika.Hope i have answered your Q's dear..

Lalitha,you are most welcome,both of you do come over and i shall make them hot for you people ok..

Thats a wonderful combo Sudha, could I drop by for breakfast too :-) I've never tried making idli/dosa from scratch here. Have always used the ready mixes :-(
Thank you sooooo much for enquiring about my absence, it was really nice to see your comment. I have been a little tied up with my college work, will try and be more regular from now on :-)

Hi Sudha, your idly/ Dosai looks delicious. Even Ive never used both the rice together. Iam running out of batter now, so thsi time Iam going to follow your recipe. Thanks for sharing.


Good combo.Even i was thinking to post the idli podi recipe.Yours is different.Will try your version too.

I love milaga podi..your recipe looks like exactly what I want

Like others said pacha arasi use panadu illai..have to give this a try..picture supera irruku...dho varen unga veetiku

Looks great Sudha.
My mom keeps the idli dough on the warm gas stove (after finishing cooking, when the stove is still warm).
I will try your podi today.

Hi Sudhav, I think the Idly proportion differs at each home. I add 4 cups of Idly rice: 1 cup Urad dal--- and it comes good for both Idly as dosa. I heard your proportion from my friends-- I think I should try once--- Nice pictures:) Just feel like having one from your plate:)


Hi Sudha,
The whole meal looks so yummy! I love eating plantain leaf! I miss it so much here in the US.
Your dosai and idli with milagha podi look so yummy! Can I come over for dinner :-)


Priya,ur most welcome come over and i shall make them fresh for you..ok..

TC,thank you.

Rashmi, waiting to see your version too..

Ashwini,thank you..

Shankari,vanga..your most welcome.

Shilpa, thank you for the tip.i will try this method the next time.do let me know when u try the podi..

PriyaB,each of us have a different proportion for the batter isin't?.Thanks you..

Foodieshope, wish you the same..

Latha, do come over anytime..shall make them fresh for you..ok..

Hi sudhama,

Thanks for your delecious idly & dosai recipe.

hi sudha...

All your receipes look yummy need to try one day....I agree with rest of the crowd...your pictures make us all hungry and wanting us to come over..guess what my name is sudha also....take care...happy beleated birthday to the little one she is really cute

Hi sudha,

nice to see your podis. Do you know how to make Garlic Podi alias poondu podi a dry one long lasting for about a month or so? can any one help me on this

Hi Sudha,
I was searching for a method to ferment batter...I guess I will take yours and try next time. How long should the oven be pre heated?

Thanks for sharing.

Thank Sudha. I haven't tried making dosa or idli ever since I came to the US. Thanks for your recipe, I will try making them now.

Hey Sudha the dosa u made really looks tempting and thanks for the tips of fermenting the idli batter ..Ohh 2 weeks before i desparately wanted to eat idli ohh to my vein the batter did not get fermented bcoz of extreme coldness in weather .I had kept in oven but preheating is a good option.Thanks once again

Do we have to wash rice and dals before roasting them for making milaga podi?

Hi sujata ....The rice and daal for dosa batter has to be anyways soaked in water its ok just pour the water over the rice and daal.then before grinding remove that water and add fresh water while grinding.
For milagai podi u dont have to wash any daal ...u have to just fry in kadhai..

hope i answered ur question

Hi Jillu
Thanks for u direction.
I do make Idli and Dosa so I do soak the rice and dal for making the batter. I have never made Milaga Podi and thought it would be unhygenic if the podi is made without washing the dals. So wanted to know what is exactly done to get the dry podi hygenically. These days lots of insecticides and pesticides r sprayed on the grains to keep them safe from insects and worms. So....

Thanks anyway.

I make idli and dosa failry often. I was using idli rice (4 cups), basmati rice (1 cup) and urad dal (1 cup) with 2 tsps methi seeds. But now the idli rice brand that i was buying is no longer available. So i bought Lakshmi brand parboiled rice and used it in the same proportion. Both my idlis and dosas were a complete DISASTER. They were both very pasty and sticky. Any suggestions on how to tweak the recipe to make edible idlis and dosas??? Please HELP!

Hi to all,

Its really nice to see all the posts here..You all seem to be very much regular out here. I just passed by dosa milaga podi recipe in Google and found out that this particular podi by sudha is very much tempting.
Good guys, btw i am Srividya from chennai. Will try this recipe now itself and impress my MIL. He he!!

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