Parupu Payasam


This payasam is our favourite.This is made out of dal and is quite easy to make too..This is how it is made.


Bengal Gram- 1/2 cup
Moong dal- 3/4 cup
Powdered Jaggery - 1 cup
Sugar- 2 Tbsp
Grated Coconut - 3 Tbsp
Milk - 3 cups
Water- 1 cup
Cashews - 1/2 tsp
Ghee - 1Tbsp


1) Soak Both the dals together for an hour

2) Pressure cook the dals along with 2 cups of milk and 1 cup of water for just two whistle.

3) In the mean time, dissolve the jaggery in little water by placing them on the gas top.This helps the jaggery to dissolve fast..

4) Once the jaggery is completly dissolved, strain them and keep it aside.

5) Heat ghee in a kadai, fry the cashews till golden brown and keep it aside.

6) Mix the jaggery water along with fried cashews, sugar, 1 cup of milk to the cooked dal and Bring it to boil and simmer it to thicken it.

7) Finally add the grated coconut and Serve Cold.

Comments (25)

Looks so delicious, never tried moong dal payasam before. Must try this one out. I loved the color of the payasam. Goooood....

Hi Sudha,
"Payasam Parkka romba nalla irukku".
Thanx for sharing.

Delicious. I love paruppu payasam. I want to drink straight from that picture of yours :-) Thanks for sharing.

Delicious Sudha. a nice recipe for the festival season back at home :).

Hi sudhav,

Parupu payasam looks great for the festiv season , Nice dish.

By the way how are u feeling now.

Payasam looks delicious!
Payasam with dals..something that I haven't tried before. Shall try it soon..

paysam sapadnum polla irruke..i will make some tonight

yummy payasam. Healthy and tasty too. Also I liked your tomato bath. I tried long back but seeing yours..can't wait to taste. Thankyou.

Paruppu payasam looks delicious...usually amma moong dal than cheivanga...anal using kadalai paruppu is new, let me try your version...

It looks yummy sudha.I prepares 'paruppu payasam'only with coconut milk.It seems an easy version.Thanks for sharing.

I love this payasam.my mother has made this before.looks delicious.Thanks for sharing.beautiful picture.

Lovely. Enakkum konjam venum.


Happy to see tamil recipes,that too chettinad recipes.My MIL too makes good chettinad dishes.
Btw,I am Rashmi.New to blogs.Naan romba enthu aaki, http://websamayal.blogspot.com/ nu new blog create pannirukean.

Could you please add my blog too to your list?


My mom makes this wth kadala paruppu and is more yellowish. This is a little different. Shall try this one soon.

Looks so delicious! This is what I made for JFI-dal, slightly different with coconut milk.

Nice idea to cut back the coconut milk.thanks

Archana:- Thank you so much..Do let me know how u liked it..

MT:-Roomba nandri..

Krithika:-Sollunga enga anupatum endru??

Shilpa:-Thank you so much..ya its a payasam that is made during festivals..and i think we are realy short of festivals..isin't?

Tanuja, thank you so much..Thanks..im feeling good now..

KA, Thank you..do try and let me know if you liked it..

Shankari, sollunga enga anupatum endru?

Sudha thank you..

KM,Thank you.actually kadala parupu use panna taste konjam kuda nalla irrukum.

Surya Thank you so much.do try and let me know..

Lalitha, thank you..

Pushpa, kandipa anuperan..sollunga enga anupatum endru..illana vanga veetuku sengi tharen...

Rashmi, thank you for visiting my blog.welcome aboard..Belive me its really fun to blog..

Priya thanks..

RP, exactly i saw your version too..i have minused the coconut milk..Thank you for sharing all the wonderful recipes rp..

Shaheen, Thank you and thanks for visiting my blog.

you can also use pacha payaru in this type of payasam. healthy stuff! :)

what is bengal gram in tamil

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Great recipe except I would add cardamom.

Thanks a lot for sharing the recipe. It was the first time I made(it was for a pot luck) and it was really good.

I supplemented with some Cardamom and
small-chucks of cocunut.

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If coconut pieces fried in ghee are used, it ll taste even better...and adding kadalai paruppu is a new idea.:)gonna try it soon